This page has been created to benefit the young nagarathars by providing them with the information regarding career paths in various fields.

There will be a number of podcasts/videos done by other nagarathars who have been successful in their endeavour in that particular subject/field. We hope that this will help and inspire the younger generation.

Career in Journalism?

Aarthi Nachiappan shares her experience and how to get into Journalism.

Starting journey in Medical school in UK

A podcast by Dr Nagappan Kumar Consultant hepatobiliary surgeon, Senior lecturer, the University of Cardiff (Been involved in an interview for Cardiff university for more than 10+ years).

Tips on Oxbridge admission process by Karthik Kumar & Shyam Kalairajah

Karthik Kumar is a final year medical student in Cambridge ( Queens college ).
Shyam Kalairajah studied economics at Magdalene college, Cambridge graduating in 2018.

Tips on University admission process (UK)

Dr Palaniappan Ramaswamy is currently a Reader (equivalent to Senior Associate Professor) in the School of Computing, University of Kent and Heads the Data Science Research Group. He has been teaching in academia for over 2 decades in various countries and has written 2 books and published over 200 research articles in image processing and biomedical engineering. He was the Admissions Officer overseeing the undergraduate admissions for Computer Science programmes from 2014 to 2019.

Why Maths(at Oxford)? Career prospects

A speech by Mukesh Ramanathan who is doing 2nd year Maths (undergraduate degree) at Oxford University .

Considering a Career in Law?

Jeeva Sethu – Partner, Lawyer specialising in Occupational Disease Litigation.