A traditional Indian ice cream type dessert.


  • 568 ml Fresh whole milk
  • 3 Cardamom pods
  • 450 ml Fresh double cream
  • 30 ml Honey
  • 25 g Chopped Pistachio nuts
  • 50 g Chopped Almonds


  1. Place milk and cardamoms in a heavy based saucepan. Bring to the boil and simmer until reduced to 450 ml.
  2. Reduce heat and stir in cream. Continue to heat, stirring frequently until reduced to 568 ml (1 pint).
  3. Remove cardamoms, stir in honey, almonds and half of pistachios.
  4. Pour into a freezer container and leave until cold.
  5. Freeze for 1 hour or until frozen about 1 cm (1/2 inch) around sides.
  6. Turn into a chilled bowl and mash with a fork to break up ice crystals.
  7. Either return to freezer container or divide between small kulfi moulds and freeze until firm.
  8. Serve sprinkled with remaining chopped pistachios.